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From Sketch to Shirt: The Creative Process of Custom T-Shirt Design

iCustom Tracy T-shirts have been around for a while, and we're back with another short tutorial guide! If you want to make your own customized T-shirt, this article might be just what you need! So here's a quick guide to getting started with iCustom Tracy personalized T-shirt printing:

This, like most things, begins at the very core - which is the notion! An idea is a small piece of a concept that has the potential to change many things! Although it may appear to be a minor detail, the brainstorming process of creating your personalized T-shirt may take longer than the execution phase.

You are free to think of it as you like! It might be a basic idea that you can sit down with an artist and have the design sketched. It can be digital art that you created yourself or a drawing that you made yourself! Make sure that anything you choose is unique. Why? A iCustom Tracy T-shirt is merely a simple T-shirt with no design! Additionally, it is your original idea that will make your T-shirt stand out from the crowd in terms of design.

The process of selecting the cloth begins once the idea is complete and you are confident in the design. This is not a difficult task. Given that there are only approximately five to six conceivable options, go with something that feels comfortable to you. The rationale behind making that T-shirt can be very helpful in this process. Polyester may be the greatest material to use for a workout T-shirt. Cotton is a good option if you want your iCustom Tracy T-shirt to be comfortable for casual outings. If you want to stand apart from the crowd, hemp could be a good alternative. So it all boils back to why you got the T-shirt in the first place.

The printing phase comes next. This happens later since only after selecting the fabric can the printing procedure be determined. The quantity of the order is also significant in this process. Not all printing technologies are compatible with all textiles. While there are several ways for printing bespoke T-shirts, including screen printing, DTG (Direct To Garment), sublimation, and others, they only work well with certain fabrics. Screen printing, for example, is great for cotton and bulk orders. DTG may be preferable if the order is modest and the design is complicated.

That's all there is to it! Yes! It's that simple to get your Customized T-shirt! When the T-shirt comes out of the machine, double-check that the print is exactly what you desired! You have now completed the process of designing your own iCustom Tracy T-shirt!